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GW Hockey Alumni Classic

It's officially time to sign up for the 7th Annual GW Hockey Alumni Game! The game will take place Saturday, February 29th at 2:20pm at the St. James, the new home for GW Hockey. A link to the signup sheet is below. This year we'll have 2 hours of ice, so the format may change a bit from previous years. And as always, the game will be free to all participants!

Signup and jerseys

The GW Alumni Game is primarily open to anyone who has ever played a game in a GW uniform or has had a significant position with the team (i.e. coach or manager).  However, any GW Alumni who are interested in playing should feel free to sign up, and if there's room we'd love to have you join us!  Best of all, thanks to the GW Alumni Association Grant Program, the ice is paid for - so the event is free for all participants!

Players are encouraged to wear their uniforms from their playing days, and there will also be white and blue jerseys available to borrow if you need it.

Goalies: If you were previously a goalie and would like to skate out, that is totally fine.  We're all set on goalies because we can use guys from the current team.  But if you want to play goalie, that works too.  Most important is we want you to come and have fun!

So if you're interested in playing, sign up below!

7th Annual GW Alumni Game Sign Up Form

Use this form to sign up for the GW Alumni Game

GW Hockey Alumni Facebook Group

Are you a GW Hockey Alumni? Then you should join the Facebook group. You can connect, reminisce, and network with alumni going back to the program's founding in 1995. It's also the best way for alumni to stay up to date on the current team and events like these!

Current Rosters

Signups are currently happening for the 7th Alumni Game!  There will be plenty of ice, so make sure you sign up. Signed up so far:

Neal Hutchko '00 - F

Daniel O'Connor '00 - F
Mike Pearlstein '00 - F
Tim Schliftman '05 - F

Brendan Lynch '07 - D

Colin Gilmartin '08 - F
David Baratta '09 - D

Dan Pollock '09 - G (D)
David Waterman '09 - D
Jon Moynihan '10 - F
Michael Potolicchio '10 - F

Peter Gray Smith '10 - F
Zachary Cohen '12 - F
Taylor Guidon '12 - D

Derek Hodgins '14  - G

John Krushat '14 - D

Chris Boyes '16 - F
Rick Cyr '16 - F
Ryan Ferizovic '16 - F
Luke Yerkovich '16 - F

Jack Dennehy '17 - F
Alex Katsihtis '18 - D

Tommy O'Connor '18 - F
Kevin Zhang '18 - F
Alec Astorga '19 - G

Corey Nadell '19 - G (F)

Connor Varley '19 - F
Will Yerkovich '19 - F
Joey Frongillo '20 - F

Diego Rebollar '20 - F

Alec Yerkovich '20 - F

Past Alumni Games

2020 Alumni Group Photo